Who we are?

We are a Chilean company born in the O´Higgins Region. We are specialized on development, production and commercialization of products made out of copper due to its antimicrobial properties and combined to our own manufacturing techniques.


We take the challenge of becoming part of the solution to the pain that currently affects agro-industry and other areas, in order to improve and meet the characteristics that require tools and processes in modern agro-industry.


Processes in which cross contamination is generated or produced, avoiding or reducing pollution, giving added value, harmlessness, decreasing the mortality rate of plants, production losses, among others.


Covering critical points during the traceability of its products and the consequences that it produces or entails.


Differentiation of competition, innovation, health, optimization, protection, quality, through Chilean innovation, leaving aside rooted paradigms.

Rodrigo Lander

Outstanding entrepreneur from the O'Higgins region, Agronomist, Agricultural Technician, since 2009 he was born as an entrepreneur with his first recycling initiative thanks to the support of Sercotec, creating Ecolander the company of recycling recycling points with the best service of the region, then I carry out Ecowerth, KombiKok, Chile Hidden tourism etc.

He also worked as an agronomist in agricultural exporters, until his last venture and the biggest challenge, Lander Copper, reaching corners of the world, invited to participate by the embassy of Thailand through Incuba Uc Startup 2018 Thailand.

Their projects have been financed with their own resources and co-financed by Sercotec and Corfo, through Incuba UC, winning Agro 2017, with experience in solving problems through innovation for companies.

Work team

Karina Lander

Administration and Finance Manager

Rodrigo Lander

General Manager

Rene Lander

Manager I + D

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